in the celebration of


This is an ongoing observance and reunion with those who have eagerly awaited the time when we lay down the burden of our grievances and fear. This whole, incredibly designed adventure of the mysterious occurrence of the entrance of the message of love and forgiveness into this space and time continuum, will at last be given full verification.

We hope you will bring us your ideas, old and new, about your memories, that are an indispensable part of this undertaking. Share your ideas, your stories, your films, your poetry, your music, from locations here and beyond space/time, wherever and whenever they may be; passionate stories of Self-recognition, forgiveness, and peace, in the lyric and song in bright mindfulness; workshops, seminars, dreaming, sharing, living, loving, giving and healing. All in a full range of art and science of audio and visual possibility.

The joyfully single idea of achievement of forgiveness and peace is indeed a long awaited journey that is about to come true. Some of us have been Teachers of God for what seems to be a very long time in this world. Yet how quickly we have come into the presence of here and now, where the entire story of our oneness and love will at last be told.

This will be a Universal Celebration with some very old and very new old-time friends. They come from a broad variety of persuasions and convictions in this and other continuums. Yet all are in some form of dedication to our most ancient quest of discovery that will finally give whole meaning to the one true purpose of life that we find in this Universe.

We can hardly wait to hear and share your ideas for this celebration of International Week of Forgiveness and Perfect Peace. If you need some inspiration and ideas to help you decided how you would like to participate wherever you are, visit our 2012 Archive and feel free to contact us for any and all inquiries.

Unite with me under the holy banner of His teaching,
and as we grow in strength the power of God's Son will move in us,
and we will leave no one untouched and no one left alone.
And suddenly time will be over, and we will all unite
in the eternity of God the Father.”

- Jesus Christ